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Summer 2022 Highlights | September 10, 2022

There is so much power in unity, and even food. Yes, food! The 21st century isn't the first time topics such as nutritious food access and unity have been up for discussion with the goal of "performance". Performative unity and performative service exist and both

menacingly cloud under-resourced communities whenever the storms of hashtags and national holiday observations rise up. The Gammon Farmers Market is designed to offer an accessible and local opportunity for small businesses to thrive in an setting designed for the community. A community sustaining itself in new Nadir.

Addressing the Need

The need for access to nutritional food is as crucial as the need for permanent safe and sustainable collective spaces. As generational changes seem to move faster and faster, and disparities affect our lifespans, norms like neighborhood business sectors and even communal spaces such as the Black church are experiencing challenges. It is our honor to serve and keep alive the fortitude of those who paved the way. The history of The Gammon House cannot be measured in value. We are proud that this event brings visitors to the The Gammon House. Add the market to your summer plans and immerse yourself into the immeasurable inspiration of the Gammons and support local produce growers and Black businesses.

Stay Tuned!

The Gammon Farmers Market had great success in 2022 and will be returning in 2023 for the fourth season. As partners with The Gammon House, Inc. and local produce growers, Young Black Professionals and Businesses of Springfield prioritize supporting Black-owned business owners to host an outdoor market near the grounds of The Gammon House. Over 30 Black-owned businesses have participated in the Gammon Farmers Market since its inception.

We look forward announcing the summer 2023 schedule!

Follow the Gammon Farmers Market and Gammon House on social media in addition to our website to stay up to date!

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